Achievements Have Come To FFXIV

Did you know that FFXIV is tracking your achievements?

For those who enjoy achievement systems (something you'll find in such games as World of Warcraft and Warhammer), FFXIV now has something like this as well!  You can find it on the Lodestone.

Here's the story from ZAM:

There are no traveling bards to sing of your adventures in Eorzea, but thanks to the Lodestone Web site, your achievements are only a few clicks away!

Players of Final Fantasy XIV can now visit the Lodestone Web site to view all of their latest achievements. The list includes milestones such as dinging a physical level, discovering an aetheryte crystal or slaying your 500th foe. The page is accessible through the "History" option located in the burgundy "My site" menu along the top of your character page.

Two other features were also added to the Lodestone Web site. An RSS reader for breaking news topics allows players to have Square Enix's regular "Ask the Devs!" articles, maintenance notices and other features sent straight to their RSS readers. Also, a "How to Use This Web site" feature was added to the Lodestone site.

Tracking is also retroactive, going back to launch.  Achievement junkies (like me) will love this new feature!

Also, now that the Lodestone has now implemented an RSS feed, I'll be adding some news modules to the front of the site.  Look for them soon!

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