Kindred Is Back!

Kindred Is Back!

Kindred is back!  If you recently returned to the game and found yourself no longer in the free company, please contact Rowyne, Eluri, Dice, or Ebon for an invite.

Also, for our friends who migrated to other servers, we have a cross-world linkshell called Kindred Friends.  If you're on Crystal data center (that includes Balmung, Brynhildr, Coeurl, Diabolos, Goblin, Malboro, Mateus, and Zalera servers), please contact Rowyne, Eluri, Tiri, Dice, or Ebon for a linkpearl.

Read ahead for more details and a message from Rowyne.

Hi, everyone! It's been a while!

Our son, Alexander, is doing great!  He recently turned three years old. He is happy, healthy, and a super smarty pants.  He knows his entire alphabet (forwards and backwards), can read words he's never seen, can count to 100, knows his colors (in rainbow order), shapes, and can sing... in solfeggio syllables (Do Re Mi)!  He's now starting to repeat things we say like a little sponge.  Eluri and I are proud parents, and we couldn't be happier.

As always, with priority shifts, there are sacrifices that need to be made. Though we missed all of you terribly, finally being blessed with starting a family in real life meant having little time to spend with our family in Eorzea.  Kindred has been pretty inactive the last three years, and I apologize that there wasn't much I could do to prevent that.  I've kept the website, our Discord server, and our Facebook group in place as additional forms of contact so we could all stay in touch.  I appreciate everyone who helped keep the lights on - from free company actions, improvements to the house, or even just logging in from time to time.

The COVID-19 quarantine has recently brought many people back to Eorzea.  The game has become a welcome diversion during an uncertain time.  There have been many positive changes since Heavensward and Eluri and I have rediscovered our enjoyment of FFXIV.  Our time, as toddler parents, is much more limited these days, but we've returned to find a wealth of content that we can quickly and casually tackle.  The last three years saw the release of two new expansions, and with it a rework of both the battle and crafting classes, the removal of cross-classing and subjobs, and Squadrons and the Trust System that now make it possible to solo dungeons with NPCs.  Many things are now more streamlined, more accessible, and more enjoyable.  Plus, bard is no longer a bowmage.  'Nuff said.

Kindred has seen changes, as well.  We are rebuilding our roster.  We now have four officers - myself, Eluri, Dice, and Ebon.  All members who need an invite back to the free company are please encouraged to contact any one of us.

As an FYI for anyone who would like to rejoin us, Kindred is shifting to a casual content focus.  Raiding is not something we'll be returning to for the foreseeable future as it does not currently align with our members' schedules and/or interests.

It seemed appropriate while making some changes to take this opportunity to alter our company tag.  It's now something that I originally considered using:  <KIND>.  A good reminder that our free company was founded on the values of kindness, friendship, and respect.

Our house is still located at ward 3, plot 5 of the Lavender Beds.  We are completely redecorating it from top to bottom, and can't wait to share with everyone how it turns out!

Eluri has retaken management of the company workshop.  Thanks to changes in patch 5.2, we can now advance company crafting projects solo (instead of needing a party of four people).  We're currently upgrading our original two airships and have plans to build more.  We also just completed our first submersible!  A special thanks to my favorite Elezen for the time and resources he's contributed.  I encourage our crafters to please swing by the workshop if you'd like to contribute to any current projects.

We are also working on raising our free company rank, as the cap was increased in patch 5.2 from 8 to 30.  Kindred is currently rank 11 and steadily advancing ahead.

Finally, and most importantly, I'd like to thank those who worked behind the scenes to rebuild Kindred and support us however they were able.  Eluri, Ebon, Tiri, and, especially, Dice.  This could not have happened without your generosity.  You are true and loyal friends.

See you in Eorzea!


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