Patch 3.2 Is Live!

Change is coming to Eorzea. Ser Aymeric boldly paves the way for his people's salvation. Adventurers clash in combat at the Wolves' Den. Nashu continues her search for the gentleman inspector, Hildibrand. Fledgling adventurers sharpen their skills in the Hall of the Novice, seek guidance via the mentor system, and cut their teeth at Stone, Sky, Sea. Thrill-seekers brave Alexander: Midas, contest the might of Sephirot, and dive into new dungeons. There's even the orchestrion for connoisseurs of music.

The winds of change blow fiercely in The Gears of Change!

Labyrinth Of The Ancients Unraveled!

Labyrinth Of The Ancients

Congratulations everyone who participated in Kindred's first foray into Labyrinth of the Ancients, The Crystal Tower 24-man raid. This was our first free company raid. All bosses were downed successfully. Loot was won and fun was had by all!

Participants and loot winners:

Patch 2.1 Is Live!

A Realm Awoken Patch 2.1

Patch 2.1, "A Realm Awoken", is now live!  The very first major version update for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn brings us large-scale additions and refinements to Eorzea.  Featuring the first installment of the Crystal Tower 24-man raid, the housing system for free companies, Primal extreme battles, the duty roulette, PvP, beast tribe daily quests, new dungeons, treasure hunting, the aesthetician, and new main scenario quests, there's bound to be something for everyone!

View the "A Realm Awoken" feature page or skip to the patch notes.

Archiving of the Old Lodestone (12/02/2013)

Archiving of the Old Lodestone (12/02/2013)

As previously announced, archiving of data from the old Lodestone is scheduled for the near future. As part of this process, the old Lodestone will be closed on January 6, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. (PST), after which time users will no longer be able to log in to edit or delete their data.

Data to be archived includes user-generated content such as character biographies, past blog entries, linkshell profiles, and linkshell forums. Please be advised that archived blog entries and linkshell forum posts will only be viewable—even by the original author—if their status is set to "Public" in advance.

Review details of the Lodestone archiving.

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